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This range hood really sucks (in a good way)


We tested the vent the first night on something that would normally smoke up the kitchen. The Tatsumaki handled it effectively. We purposely used the front burner and with the vent on high there was no smokey kitchen and no lingering smells afterwards. I would say this fan really sucks (in a good way).

This hood is absolutely the best addition to our kitchen!


This unit has been my best friend. Outside smells like a restaurant and the inside has a faint smell of food. When frying food or just making something small the number 2-3 setting is perfect. When searing food, I turned it up to the max, just to be sure the house didn't get smokey.

Sucks all the smoke out of the house


I've had this vent hood installed for about a month now, and absolutely love it. As another reviewer said, this thing is so powerful that you can suck a turkey off your stove and deposit it into the yard (which is what sold me on it). Hood is quiet on the settings 1, 2, and 3 and very reasonable at the higher settings as well. It sucks out both smells and smoke - which are giving my fire alarms a nice break.

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Chef PS18 Range Hood